Region 2 1st RCC Meeting

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On 13-08-2010, RCC Lion Khoo Peng Chuan has hosted a RCC meeting in SMJK Chio Min, Kulim. This is the very first Region 2 RCC meeting since I can remember. This year we have taken a big leap ahead a meaningful jump ahead. We want to make this as simple as it can be. We want to make this as efficient as it can be, for RCC meeting is for us to update each other on the activities organised in the region. Issues were brought up for discussion.

On this day, we introduced the MAAROS System to the members, showing them how to operate the system and the importance of sending in reports to update our cabinet office.

Leo Club of SMJK Keat Hwa, Leo Club of SMK Che Tom, Leo Club of Alor Setar,  Leo Club of SMJK Keat Hwa 2, Leo Club of Alor Setar Central, Leo Club of SMK Darulaman and Leo Club of Chio Min had participated in the meeting. Besides, we have Lion Tan Tian Chew from Lions Club of Kulim and Leo District Cabinet officers, DVP2 Leo Steven Chew and Region 2 coordinator, Leo Teoh Boon Teong in the event.

Leo Steven Chew
DVP2 District 308B2
(Articles written on 13/09/2010 )


M.A.D(Making A Difference) Project

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M.A.D Project was DONE!!! 5 Leo Clubs in Region 2 had organized Eco-based project on 28th and 29th August 2010, in celebrating of 40 years Leo service in Malaysia. On 28th August 2010, Friday, Leo Club of Keat Hwa, Leo Club of Chio Min, Leo Club of Alor Setar(O) and Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis(O) started their M.A.D Project at 9.02am sharp whereas Leo Club of Alor Star Central (O) started their project on 29th August 2010 at
9.02am(symbolizing 2nd Sept). Come……let us now share how were them did their M.A.D project. Let’s us start with the 2 alpha Leo Club…… Leo Club of Keat Hwa had cleaned up their Leo Garden and roundabout of Lion and Leo club together with their Leo advisor,Lion Ooi Guan Kheng on that day.

Leo Club of SMJK Chio Min had cleaned up a garden which will be adopting as their Leo G

arden. RCC Region 2, Lion Khoo Peng Chuan who is also their Leo advisor was there to shower them with his support.

Ok, now it’s time to proceed to the M.A.D project that done by Omega Leo Club… Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis held their M.A.D Project at Bukit Ayer Recreational Park. They cleaned up the surrounding of that recreational park by picked up litters on the floor and even in the water.

Leo Club of Alor Setar (O) did their M.A.D project at Taman Jubli Perak,Alor Setar. 5 of them did this grand project by cleaned up surrounding of Taman Jubli Perak within 1 hour. Who say small amount of people have to use longer time to finish up the project?? See…….Leo Club of Alor Setar(O) had proved that such statement is definitely FALSE. By the way, Region 2 Coordinator, Leo Boon Teong was there to shower up them by his support.

Now, left the last Leo Club in Region 2 who done their M.A.D project haven’t mentioned yet. Before we move on , you guys are feeling a bit curious on how come those Leo club that mentioned on above seems like did same project, aren’t you?? Ok… patient……Here come a bit different from the Leo Club that mentioned on above…..

Hmm…….what’s the difference??? Date was different. Hahahahaha……. (feel like duhhhh…..thought the difference is the project they done???) Actually what you peeps thought were absolutely right!

Leo Club of Alor Star Central(O) did Tree Planting Project as their M.A.D Project Celebration. They planted 40 trees in compound of Sin Min (Private) Secondary School on that day. Their Lions were there to help them on doing this grand project.

Article prepared by Leo Teoh Chia Chia
Leo Club of SMJK Chio Min

Leo club of SMJK Chio Min has successfully organized an environmental project at Kulim.

This project was divided into 2 different days which is 3rd Sept 2010 and 4th Sept 2010.
On 3rd Sept 2010, the project was held in LaTuk Kong Hall, Kelang Lama. We were there to help

Tzu Chi Recycle Centre to categorize the recycle goods. There is a lorry that go house-to-house
collecting all recycle goods and send it to the so called Check Point to categorize them on the 1st

week of every month.

Meanwhile, we were chatting with members of Tzu Chi. They told us on how Tzu Chi RecycleCentre founded and some rules of their association. This project took 4 hours from the beginning to the end.

Roar ! Roar ! Roar !

Hohoho, our RCC Lion Khoo was leading the dedicated Leo members too save the world !!!

Definitely a strong line-up so far. Chio Min Leos ROAR !!! (sorry Kate, last time also geng, but didn't know you that time. hahahaha....)

The environmental project was continued on 4th Sept 2010 which is today. The differences between yesterday project and today project are project of today is joint organized with Kelab Kitar Semula SMJK Chio Min and all those recycle goods that we collected were sold out for fundraising.

We gathered in school before 8.30 in the morning. After listening to the briefing from the organizing chairperson of project on today, we were divided into 5 groups. Each group have to go house-to-house to collect recycle goods from the residents of Kelang Sago, Kulim then sent it back to school.

There is many things can be recycle. We did collected unwanted clothes, iron cans, mix plastics and aluminium card. All the recycle goods that collected were gathered up and wait for everyone to come back for categorizing those items. We sold out those recycle items and got quite a number of cash for our project fund.

We are thankful that residents of Kelang Sago were so co-operated on helping us in this project by gave us all the recycle goods and make this project successful. We express our gratitude to our RCC Region 2 / Leo advisor, Lion Khoo Peng Chuan on showing us his support by being with us.

This project took about 5 hours from the beginning to the end. Even though we are quite tired yet we are happy due to we had make a difference and stronger than before. Roarrr!!!

*Articles written by Leo Teoh Chia Chia
Leo Club of SMJK Chio Min

On 27th August 2010, Friday, Leo Club of SMJK Keat Hwa had organised a successful “Malaysia, My Home” Nation Day Celebration project at The Precious One Welfare Home. This project is co-organised by Leo Club of SMJK Keat Hwa 2, Leo Club of SMK Darulaman and Leo Club of Alor Setar.

We are thankful that this project was highly regarded as a meaningful project by our YB Dr Cheah Soon Hai (who is also our sponsoring club lion). We are truly honored to have such a prominent figure to be our guest of honor. In his speech, he mentioned contribution from different races should be written/documented into our history especially the contribution all the different ethnics had provided to help Malaysia became an independent country.

Besides of YB Dr.Cheah, RCC Lion Khoo Peng Chuan also brought 4 Leos from Leo Club of SMJK Chio Min, Kulim with him to the project. Leo Teoh Boon Teong, our Region 2 coordinator was also here to shower us with his support.

National flag coloring contest was organised and leaded by SMJK Keat Hwa Leos. Throughout the event, muffin made by SMJK Keat Hwa Leos was distributed to the unfortunate kids in the welfare home. Besides, SMK Darulaman Leos helped organised a game for the kids. RM500 cash was also presented to The Precious One Welfare Home Chairperson in the event for the betterment of the unfortunate kids.

The event took 5 hours from opening ceremony to closing ceremony.

Leo Wong Wei Hong helped setting up the flag.

Organizing Committee Team

Arrival of our guest of honour, YB Dr.Cheah Soon Hai

Leo Wong Wei Hong helped setting up the flag.

Singing National Anthem

For more photos please visit the following links.


Leo Steven Chew
District 2nd Vice President
District 308 B2

This year, ceremony was being organised in Ipoh, thanks a lot to Ipoh Leos. This event was organised for Lions Club of Ipoh Bougainvillea installation, Lions Club of Ipoh Metro New Century installation, Leo Club of Ipoh Unity Installation, Leo Club of Ipoh Metro Formation and District Leo Cabinet Installation. Truly a joyful day for all the Leos who attend the ceremony.

There are only 3 representatives from Region 3, Region 2 Coordinator, Leo Teoh Boon Teong(Leo Club of Alor Setar Central), Leo Lai Su Fen(Leo Club of Alor Setar Central) and myself (Leo Club of Alor Setar).

Full line up of the new District Leo Cabinet of 2010

Our beloved DG (District Governor), Lion Hudson Hah

Leo Steven Chew
2nd District Vice President
District Leo Cabinet 308B2

Congratulation to the new BoD of Fiscal year 2010/2011 ! What a wonderful Installation buffet you guys put up. On behalf of District Leo Cabinet, 1st District Vice President, Leo Ch’ng Kok Sheng from Leo Club of Penang City and I would like to express our gratitude to the team (although neither one of us were invited to speak on stage).
Leo Club of Alor Setar was there, Leo Club of Penang City was there, Leo Club of Tanjung Penang was there, Leo Club of SMJK Keat Hwa was there, Leo Club of SMK Darulaman was there.
(P.S: Leo Club of SMK Chetom was sponsored by Lions Club of Sungai Petani, Kedah.)

Fellow Leos from other clubs. 🙂

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Yeah babe~~

Leo Steven Chew
2nd District Vice President
District Leo Cabinet 308B2

Awonderful day out with the Leos. This day on 30th July 2010, Leo Clubs of SMJK Keat Hwa, Leo Clubs of SMJK Keat Hwa, Leo Clubs of SMK Darulaman and Leos Club of Alor Setar (Omega) organised a gathering/fellowship at E-Box Karaoke, Seafood dinner and movie (Salt). There were about 25 of us. Everyone was able to mix with each other. Oh yeah .. and by mix, i do not imply “Boy and girl mix”, although i can see some sparks going on.

Always sensitive to the camera, Keat Hwa President, Leo Wong Yee Earn

3 sweeties from Leo Club of SMK Darulaman. Angelynn, Hui Jun, Elaine.

Our TOP member, Leo Goh Kean Wei performing his drink song "饮歌" with Angelynn.

Leo Kang Xin Yi, Keat Hwa 2 President performing her song "我爱他" with 2 Keat Hwa sweeties posing at the back.

Ong May Jane & Elise Ooi posing and Keat Hwa VP, Lim Yan Yang shying away. Busted !

Now, Her Majesty, Wong Yee Earn, Keat Hwa President performing together with Ong May Jane(Lion Ong's lovely daughter from Keat Hwa).